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Our belief at Explorations in Travel is that there is a lot that needs to be done to make the world a better place. No one person can do everything, but each of us can do something. We need to find something that moves us and act on it. The projects that you'll find on our site were started by people who saw a need and acted on it, by; starting a school, creating a reserve, building an animal shelter, growing organic food, etc.

Meet the local people and spend an afternoon with them, have a meal together, visit a school or a typical African Church Ceremony, or visit one of the projects. Eco-Africa Climbing supports the local people and encourages tourist to visit their programs and give them support.

At Eco-Africa Climbing we strive to give our volunteers the big picture Tanzania poverty and development. When you volunteer with us we ask that you get to involved in all aspect of our programs. If you are volunteering at one of our centers, this means that you will be involved in the hands on teaching and care giving as well as the administration and general management of the organization. In this way we aim to give you a better understanding about issues concerning modern development, education and non-profit organizations.

Traveling is a way to discover new things about ourselves and learn to see ourselves more clearly. Volunteering is a way to spend time within another culture, to become part of new community, to experience life from a different perspective.
Every community needs people willing to volunteer their time, energy and money to projects that will improve the living conditions for its inhabitants. No one needs to travel around the world to find a good and worthy cause to dedicate their efforts to. Volunteering should be something we do as a regular part of our lives, not just when we can take a month or two off, or when we have extra money to spend on travel. Your actions are your voice in the world, saying loudly and clearly what you think is important, what you believe to be right, what you support.

Whatever you choose to do after reading these pages we encourage you to continue to explore your options for service, to look into your own heart and find what it is that moves you to action.
We have many opportunities for volunteers. If you are interested or talented in a specific area, we most likely can use you have many? Eco-Africa Climbing is proud to work amongst various faiths and backgrounds.

We have a great need for volunteers at Tanzania, we can arrange a wonderful trip to Africa for you to serve on! The longer the better! If you are interested in volunteering either from home or at Eco-Africa Climbing center please contact us.

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