Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Moses may have bagged Mt. Sinai and come down with Ten Commandments, but getting to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and descending with even one life lesson may be harder than that, depending on you and your team.
Kilimanjaro in all its ethereal, godly eminence can also be a god forsaken place. Its thin air, cold temperatures and grinding terrain allow just 40 percent of the 40,000 annual climbers to Uhuru Peak’s holy glaciated shrine. And this is as it should be. It took Moses 40 days and nights to descend with his god given tablets.
Kilimanjaro allows only the chosen few – the most physically, mentally and spiritually aware to ascend. Here are the mountain’s Ten Commandments that if followed may lead to seeing the light at the top of Africa.

1. Thou Shalt Take This Seriously
Kilimanjaro, at over 19,000 feet is a very unforgiving place for those who think it is not worthy of supreme effort. Arrogance is a sin; don’t underestimate Kilimanjaro’s stature. This is more than a walk in the park, but rather a self-sacrificing near religious experience requiring 100 percent devotion.
2. Thou Shalt Be Wise With Money
To achieve the summit safely, spend money on a solid company that has the best guides, food and gear. Kilimanjaro is not the place to tighten your budget with your life on the line. Don’t risk your safety booking with a fly-by-night operator.
3. Thou Shalt Be Patient
Expedience is not the way to the top. Just 27 percent of climbers on the five day route make it. Six day adventurists are only 44 percent successful. Seven day summiters are 64 percent blessed, however those who take the ten day pilgrimage are over 95 percent successful. The mountain gods are saying, “be patient and acclimatize.”
4. Thou Shalt Listen To The Elders
ECO-AFRICA CLIMBING  are best guide on Mountain, but they have the wisdom of the prophet when it comes to climbing Kilimanjaro. Heed their advice, trust their counsel. 
5. Thou Shalt Be A Good Sister/Brother/Wife/Husband
You must help your climbing brothers and sisters with encouraging words to achieve ascendancy. They are there for you and you are there for them. Kilimanjaro is a test and a time for bonding and chance to make friends for life.
6. Thou Shalt Have The Best Boots
Walking in the footsteps of Hans Meyer (the first known summiter of Kilimanjaro) requires the best hiking boots you can afford. Break them in before trudging Kilimanjaro’s volcanic terrain.
7. Thou Shalt Be A True Believer
Self-doubt is not the answer. Be confident in your ability to make it to the summit. Convince yourself you’re worthy.
8. Thou Shalt Cherish The Journey
Don’t covet the end result, but revel in the mountain’s majesty – its rainforest, its wildlife, its melting glaciers and the people living in its shadow. By being singularly focused on reaching the top, you miss the experience and spiritual journey of climbing Kilimanjaro.
9. Remember The Summit Day, And Keep it Holy
Atop the mount you should exult in the inner peace you have achieved. You should not be boastful about your achievement. Blasphemous ego-trips, bad in biblical times, are still not cool in the Internet Age.
10. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Success
If you fail to achieve the summit, don’t harbor jealously over the success of others. You have learned much on your journey and reveled in the mountain’s majesty. Should the yearning for the summit persist, summon the courage to try again.

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