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Marangu Village Cultural Tour

 Book your lifetime adventure at Marangu village.

Come and experience an exciting mix of cultures. Meet friendly people and discover beautiful scenarios which are not to be found anywhere around Africa. Visit the most excited areas for cultural and recreational walking as Marangu village. Also this walking is very important for acclimatization before and after hiking the Mt.Kilimanjaro and those from long safari.
A day at Marangu village your lifetime adventure!
Time, starts at 9am Ends 3.30 or 4.00pm
Tour price including the following;

Explore the natural beauty of the slopes of Mt.Kilimanjaro.
Enjoy and rest in the nature beauty and peace of this magnificent natural site. The music from the waterfalls and radiant colors of the valley transform our inner and outer environment.

Chagga Live Museum

The Chagga culture and history can be explored by visiting the Chagga live museum site. Several exhibitions include a reconstruction of a thatched chagga house with a complete livestock inside. The museum also has a display of traditional chagga tools, farm equipments, rope made from the balk of the mringaringa (Cordia africana)) tree, a genealogical look at the history of the chagga, some drums and a "bugle" made of kudu horns.
Local Market

There are colorful local markets in different location within walking distances held twice a week in where "bananas" selling takes place. Marangu is the largest market for the sale of bananas in the country and attracts buyers from all over Tanzania.

Chagga Blacksmiths

Various indigenous tools are made using iron. These are made for farming activities like hoes, machetes etc. And also chagga people gets job opportunity by being self employed. The products which are made they sell to earn income for their daily survival.


After the successful of hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, safari or gentle walking, relax and enjoy the exotic country gardens. You can also drop at the local bars (Chagga bar) drink the traditional "mbege" a local chagga brew made from millet and banana wine.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Viewpoint

Depending on weather condition, on clear day you can get the gorgeous views of Mt.Kilimanjaro.
Underground Tunnels (Chagga Bolt Hole)
These were used by the Chagga people to hide themselves from the enemies, in which inside the tunnel it comprises of different partitions/galleries like kitchen, sleeping room, mortuary, livestock pattern and ambushing chamber.

Coffee and Banana Farms

From the blessed presence of the fertile volcanic soils on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro majority of villagers are subsistence farmers, practicing cultivation on crops like coffee, banana, beans, yams, etc.
Traditional meals (hot lunch) and drinking water

Experience local life.

Enjoy a delicious, home - cooked meal in Chagga house. Learn how to cook Chagga food especially cooked plantain bananas "Machalari".

We offer traditional Maasai safari holidays!!!!!!!!!

If you have been travelling in Africa before coming to Tanzania, you’ll meet a somehow different culture and lifestyle here. You will meet a country without tribalism and rivalry like in the neighbouring countries. 
Tanzania is full of history and culture; you might choose to visit the Stone Age findings in Isimila, Iringa, or the Kolo paintings, ancient rock paintings south of Tarangire National Park.
The people you meet, from one of the 120 tribes in the country, or from the small but economical significant numbers of Asians and Arabs, will all do they best to teach you the importance of greetings and respect, which for all Tanzanians are highly occupied with for all everyday life.
After only few days of your visit here or even hours, you’ll probably have some new “brothers” or “sisters” here – Tanzanians have a very extended, including and sharing family perspectives. You’ll find that although many are poor, few are starving, and the little they have, they will gladly share with you.
Handshakes are a part of greeting, and you’ll get a strange feeling in the beginning when your new brother keeps holding your hand throughout a good portion of your conversation.

The Maasai people
On your journey in Tanzania, you will most likely meet the tall, slender built and colourful dressed people of the Maasai tribe. This nomadic people still very much live by their old traditions, herding cattle and goats, and living on a diet based on milk, blood and meat from their herds.
In the north of Tanzania there are many established tourist culture villages, but many find them too touristic. We will always do our best to include the more genuine and authentic experience when we introduce you and your fellow travellers to these pastoralist and proud warriors, for many one of the most known ethnic groups in Africa.

Upon your wishes and desires, it is possible to set up your travel with us to include visits, even overnight, at a real Maasai “Boma” – their name for the family’s set of cow dung huts, to really get under the skin of their culture and lifestyle.

Another of our most popular short tours is the Maasai tribe safari, which is based around a visit to a traditional Maasai Boma (dwelling). This tour is led by a local guide and you will be told about tribal customs and the methods in which they build their dwellings. The village we visit still preserves the traditional Maasai way of life and you will be enthralled by the truly wonderful and inspiring tales that these people will tell you about their history and way of life. You will also get a chance to learn how the Maasai women make their beautifully coloured and intricate jewellery. The money raised from the sale of their traditional jewellery goes directly back into the local community. In addition, when you join our Maasai Mara safaris you will be able to watch a traditional welcome dance – something truly special that is sure to become a lifelong memory.
Longer tours and walks can also be organised when you book a Maasai safari tour. These walks take place in the Ngorongoro Highlands. The Maasai’s knowledge of nature and their unique link to this beautiful land will captivate you. Being up close and personal with nature while walking with a Maasai guide along the deeply spiritual trails their predecessors have trodden for hundreds and hundreds of years is an experience that will surely become the highlight of your visit to this magnificent country.
If you want to book a Maasai Boma safari in Africa, be sure to contact us here as we are the experts when it comes to professionally guided tours of the area!

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