Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Do you know about the Hadzabe?

The Hadzabe are one of the leading cultural attractions in Arusha region. The Hadzabe of northern Tanzania have sustained an ancient hunter-gatherer lifestyle for at least 10,000 years.The Hadzabe tribe live in the Eyasi Basin. Traditionally, they are viewed as hunter-foragers—people who acquire nearly all of their food by hunting wild animals and foraging wild plant foods and honey. Their language resembles the click languages of other Bushmen found further in southern Africa. The Hadzabe have resisted the forcible settlement policies and most of their children have never seen a doctor or school - the bush provides for all their needs and is a class room for their offspring. A visit to them enables visitors to see their simple bush homes where a cave or tree canopy provides them with shelter. They live entirely off the bush and from hunting. The string on their lethal bows is often made from giraffe tendons and the arrows coated with a strong poison made from a certain tree. They kindle fires by rubbing wood. Some trees provide sap that repels mosquitoes. Others provide cures for snake bites & some like Aloe Vera is used to heal cuts. Roots provide a wide range of medicines and the mighty baobab fruits as a source of drink. A few hours spent with the bushmen makes the apparently inhospitable bush country come to life and to watch them hunt, a truly unique experience.

Stay with us and enjoy organized tours with the Hadzabe Tribe..

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