Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Tanzania has around  three million large mammals,making the country by far the most significant refuge for the mega fauna of the Africa continent.There can be no future for its wildlife without new generation, however.Young giraffes in Serengeti.

A world leader in wildlife

Tanzania is irrefutably among the brightest pearls among the countries harbouring the most staggering wildlife spectacles in the world,the credit for which lies with its huge variety of habitats,for alongside those that are the most characteristics of East Africa,it also boasts the last fragments of the lowland rain forests to be found in the easternmost part of Africa,exceptional extensive open grasslands,groundwater forests,multiple types of wetlands,and even glaciers.
These are the factors that enable the country to support a phenomenally diverse fauna and flora.

Tanzania is among the top 25 countries in the world as far as endemic species are concerned, with 25 mammals,20 birds,64 reptiles,at least 55 amphibians,108 freshwater fish,5 marine fish,123 butterflies and 28 genera of vascular plants in the category. This places it sixth among the African countries in this respect, after  Madagascar, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon,Ethiopia and the Republic of South Africa.

The key Factor to make Tanzania unique among the African countries today for its huge numbers of large mammals are its wide variety of habitats,its strong long-term tradition of conservation work 
and in particular its extensive network of the wildlife reserves,covering extensive areas of land.Finally,Tanzania has remained largely free of political  disturbance, which is one of the most crucial things where successful wildlife conservation work is concerned.

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